mbb series

MBB Series

Industrial Grade Melt Blown Filter Cartridges are made from 100% FDA complied polypropylene material, constructed with multi-layers depth filter cartridges and manufactured through thermal bonding technology.

swf series

SWF Series

String Wound Filter Cartridges are made from FDA compliant polypropylene material. Its optimize dirt holding capacity and removal the particle at their finer micron ratings rely mostly on Van Der Walls or attractive forces for their small particle capture.

pmf series

PMF Series

Pleated filter cartridges are constructed with polypropylene micro fibers combined with an exceptional dirt holding capacity with precise micron ratings than depth filters and manufactured through thermal bonding technology.

Company Overview

Titan Strategic Sdn. Bhd. (TSSB) was established since year 2004. We act as a water treatment consultant by giving legal engineering consultation and monitoring base on ISO standard include environment, safety and quality to our customer. Majority of the technical staff here are very professional and experience to complete the entire task given. With the technical teams and transportation we are able to response faster and efficiently.