SWF series

String Wound Filter Cartridges are made from FDA compliant polypropylene material. Its optimize dirt holding capacity and removal the particle at their finer micron ratings rely mostly on Van Der Walls or attractive forces for their small particle capture. However when the flow forces the particles occur at higher pressures it will overcome the Van Der Walls attractive forces. With this in mind, flow is a critical factor in the filter's performance when we using depth String Wound Cartridge Filters or any depth filter.

Longer Services Life

These filters have excellent dirt holding capacity due to its density and structure. Therefore, it is usual for a set of cartridge to filter many millions gallons of fluid before requiring replacement. This means less equipment downtime, extended life for chemical solutions, cleaners, oils, coolants and liquids, not to mention the savings in labor and materials.

Greater Solids Holding Capacity

As fluid pass through the centre of the filter, finer particles are progressively trapped and allow greater retention capacity than straight surface filter media with same dimensions and porosity. Retention of solids is needed and the amount of solids retained is depending on the type of solids in the solution as well as the head pressure developed by the pump.


  • FDA Compliant PP
  • Strong support core of PP
  • Non foaming and fiber migrations
  • Wide application
  • Low pressure drop, ΔP
  • High particle holding capability

Operation Conditions

  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 60°C
  • Dirty Pressure Drop: <15 to 20 psi

Applications of Products

Polypropylene: Economical Core of choice for most application in water and corrosives to 200°F. FDA material

Ordering Code

  • Model: HF-SWF-Rating-Length
  • Eg: HF-SWF-1R-1L
swf series

Product Specifications

  • Rating (Micron): 1, 5, 10
  • Length:
    • 1L 2L 3L 4L
      (10") (20") (30") (40")
  • Media and core material: PP with PP core